GoFree Shock Proof Multi-Purpose Case (Small)

GoFree Shock Proof Multi-Purpose Case (Small)

₹249.00 ₹599.00

This GoFree multi-purpose case is a small and versatile case that can be used to store variety of things like USB pen drives, SD memory cards, Earphones, Contact lens, small accessories and even cosmetics

The exterior of the case is made of carbon fiber PU and is a mix of luxurious matte and gloss black. The styling is sophisticated; finish is excellent and materials used is of top quality!

Comes with a versatile key ring attachment which allows the case to carried around easily. Keys and tags can also be attached to the hook.

With high quality materials, best quality rubber zip puller and blue zip, fit and finish this is the best quality possible!

Warranty: Comes with 6 months limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Case Inner Dimensions (Each Side): 6.2cm x 9.8cm x 1.2cm / 2.8in x 3.8in x 0.47in

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