GoFree Organizer Grid Pad

GoFree Organizer Grid Pad

₹399.00 ₹899.00

The GoFree Organizer Grid Pad offers the most flexible solution to store and carry electronics and accessories. It is a must have accessory for anybody who owns and carries multiple devices and accessories. Use the high-quality rubber elastic bands to securely fasten, organize and store multiple cables, adapters, camera, iPod, phones etc. in the most organized and clutter free manner.

There is also a nifty rear zippered pocket to carry papers, documents or even a tablet PC

In an easy to carry size, the GoFree Grid Pad neatly slips into any back pack or standard laptop bag or sleeve.

GoFree accessories always focus on quality and value. The rigid construction ensures that the pad does not bend or lose shape easily. Also, the elastic bands are RUBBERIZED to offer additional grip. They are of the best quality and the elastic bands do not sag or lose elasticity. Also, there is a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Size of the pad: at 27.5 CM (10.8 in) / 19.5 CM (7.6 in)

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