GoFree Multi-Purpose Pouch (8cm)

GoFree Multi-Purpose Pouch (8cm)

₹189.00 ₹699.00

The GoFree Multi-Purpose Pouch looks compact due to its disc-like shape; however, it is extremely spacious and can hold quite a few items. It can hold large earphone, blue tooth earphones, multiple pen drives, coins, currency, lip stick, contact lens case, USB cables, chargers, the list is endless.

Made of high-quality material which is naturally shock absorbent, the finish and the stitching quality of this GoFree Pouch is excellent and unmatched.

The GoFree Multi-Purpose Pouch comes in various colours and prints each with its own attitude and statement. Choose the one that reflects your personality the best!

The convenient carry handle adds to the practicality of the pouch making the pouch easier to retrieve from the bag and easy to carry. The flat disc-like design allows the pouch to be easily stored in the trouser front pockets.

The GoFree Multi-Purpose Pouch are ideal for gifting!

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