GoFree High Performance Mousepad (Size: Standard)

GoFree High Performance Mousepad (Size: Standard)

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GoFree High Performance Mousepad (Size: Standard)

The GoFree mouse pad is called “High Performance” for a reason, several reasons in fact. The mousepad offers superior control thanks to itssilk textile material surface which offers pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking. These features make the mousepad superbly efficient and suitable for all kind of graphics and professional work and gaming.

The natural rubber base of the mousepad ensures there is absolutely no slippage even on smooth glass table tops.

The GoFree high performance mouse pad is also stitched on the edges to ensure no peeling even after years of use. The printing on the surface is also built to last. It’s vibrant and does not fade off after prolonged use.

The mousepad is ideally sized at 27cm X 22cm which is the optimal size for most situations. It offers excellent mouse coverage and free range of movement hence increasing productivity and efficiency of professionals and gamers who use this mousepad

All GoFree products come with excellent after sales support and are made with the best materials, excellent workmanship, finish and GoFree warranty. You can never go wrong with GoFree products!

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