FlexiGel Back Cover for Xiaomi Mi5 - Slim Fit, Flexible & Glossy – (Lava Red)

FlexiGel Back Cover for Xiaomi Mi5 - Slim Fit, Flexible & Glossy – (Lava Red)

₹199.00 ₹599.00

Ultra-Compact, Feather Weight and Perfect Fit: The Flexigel case for Xiaomi Mi5 sculpts itself around the contours of the device and adapts to the phones’ curves and bends. It is extremely compact and does not add any extra bulk to the device. It also is feather weight and feels great in the hand to grip

Essential Protection: The FlexiGel case for Xiaomi Mi 5 is made of materials (thermos plastic polyurethane) which is naturally resistant to oil, water and is very elastic and shock absorbing in nature. All this means your phone is protected from wear and tear of daily use, sudden bumps, nicks and scratches. It also has reinforced outer edges for extra protection. The edges around the screen is slightly raised to ensure that the phone screen never touches the surface when placed or falls screen facing down. This ensure your screen is protected from scratches!

Vivid and Glossy: The FlexiGel Back cover for Xiaomi Mi5 is bright, vivid and glossy. It adds a vibrant vibe around your phone. However, it’s not gaudy or too flashy and hence does not stand out for the wrong reasons.

Perfect Compatibility: The case is designed for perfect compatibility with Xiaomi Mi5 and hence has correct openings and cut outs for all the buttons, camera and ports of the phone.