Helping the offline sell online!

E-commerce is the new-age sales channel which is undoubtedly the future. But venturing into e-commerce (and its variants such as m-commerce) can be a daunting experience even for established retailers and brands, let alone start-ups.

We at Cool Mango, have cracked the puzzle of e-commerce and have been involved in this industry for over 5 yeas with enormous success. We have several entries in our “lessons learnt” journal and have a complete book of “best practices”!

We want to impart our knowledge and “know-how” to help established offline, “brick and mortar” brands, retailers and start-ups to enable them to design, launch and establish their brands and products online. For this very reason, a consultancy service, “Moon Silver” was started.

Currently, Moon Silver’s services are only under invitation and we are working with a hand-full of clients. Early 2020, we look forward to launch Moon silver to cater to anyone/everyone interested in its services.