GoFree Case


We at Cool Mango have giant sized passion for technology and tech driven lifestyle. We created GoFree to cater to the unique requirements created by today’s modern lifestyle as the “regular” products and solutions in the market were just not relevant anymore and did not serve the purpose.

GoFree identifies pain points & problems of today’s generation, custom designs solutions and tries to solve one problem at a time. GoFree manufactures #cases, covers & sleeves for laptops, tablets, gadgets and devices #lifestyle accessories #computer accessories, #cables and connectors & #accessories for wearables.

Most of GoFree products are very niche but are “God send” to consumers who all this while, were left helpless and we forced to use ineffective alternatives until we identified their problem and provided a solution.

GoFree was launched in April 2016 and has close to 100 different products. GoFree merchandise can be purchased through most online marketplaces, several reputed retail stores and chains or directly from the GoFree website.

Feel free to visit GoFreeGear.com to experience the complete range of GoFree products and to purchase them online.