Tempered Glass Installation - Simple, 10 Step Guide

Improperly fixed Tempered Glass will not give you a proper protection for your phone and will not have the finish you may expect. Like wise, you don't have to run in search of a technician to fix your Tempered Glass. Cool Mango's Tempered Glass comes packed with all necessary tools and help document which will assist you in completing the installation yourself in minutes.

The common problems while fixing a Tempered Glass are miss-alignments, bubbles, scratches, dust  settlements and any other wrong actions that might damage the tempered glass. Before you begin your installation, if you spend few minutes of your time in this guide, you will have a smooth installation experience and your installation will be successful.



1. With clean hands, stick the two hinge / GUIDE STICKERS to the back of your device.

2. Carefully align the protector on your screen with the MASK tab facing down.

3. Place two GUIDE STICKERS tightly around the device and protector, creating a hinge. Stick the third GUIDE STICKER on the opposite side of the protector.

4. Flip screen protector so that the MASK tab now is facing up.

5. Wipe screen from end to end first with the WET WIPE and then with DRY WIPE cloth. Allow screen to fully dry.

6. Remove any remaining dust using the DUST ABSORBER STICKER.

7. Peel the disposable film off by pulling the MASK tab. Be careful not to touch the revealed adhesive side.

8. Immediately flip the screen protector back onto your screen.

9. Firmly press the center of the protector with your index finger, allowing it to adhere.

10. Firmly press out bubbles if any toward the edges with the DRY WIPE cloth and remove all hinge / GUIDE STICKERS. Remaining bubbles should disappear within a couple of days.

  • This user guide and guide stickers are really awsome and with this i installed screen protector in home itself

    Pradeep Abothu on

    Spandan Neogy on
  • Thanks for the guide! With the help of this guide, I installed your iPhone 6 Tempered Glass successfully.

    Puneeth Sagar on

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